New Logo

I have been working under my own name for about a year now, and it is time to expand to reach a broader audience.  My business partner and I came up with Back in Motion, to encompass a wide array of people who wish to get back to motion!  My goals is to get people back to whatever it is they want to do, whether it be sports, walking, sewing, or even cooking.  We often take the most basic movements for granted.  Our ability to stand up off the couch isn't considered, until we can't do it.  My goal is to give a new perspective to fitness, and have it be something we can appreciate and improve on before we get injured.  



Pilates Post Shoulder Arthroscopy

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery can be used for the treatment of rotator cuff tears.  Shoulder surgery can often be avoided with less aggressive treatment such as physical therapy although sometimes surgery is necessary.  Tears can occur as a result of a traumatic injury or can occur gradually without any specific recalled injury.  The rotator cuff consists of the infraspinatus, supraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis.  The muscles work together to aid in the rotation of the arm and help to keep the head of the humerus in its socket.  THey work in conjunction with the larger overlying muscles to perform all shoulder functions.  Injury to the rotator cuff can impair function and usually causes pain and weakness with shoulder motion.

Surgery can most often be avoided but may be required in people whose symptoms don't improve with physical therapy or in athletes or overhead workers who require high demand use of their shoulder.  For those who do have surgery, physical therapy will be needed following surgery, as there is a specific shoulder rehabilitation protocol for the progression of exercises.  Pilates is a great tool for strengthening the shoulder girdle once the time has come for the strengthening portion of the exercise progression.  The Swakate is my favorite rotator cuff strengthening exercise on the Pilates reformer.  It incorporates external rotation combined with abduction, and internal rotation combined with adduction.  You can also bias the exercise to isolate the triceps or modify it to incorporate the deltoids and even the abdominals.  


Meal Prep Sunday

The food scene in Los Angeles is amazing, but it's often hard to stay on track with healthy eating with so many delicious restaurant options easily available.  I have found that if I am left to my own devices in the presence of a plethora of choices, my intended healthy eating will often be swayed toward less healthful options.  People talk about food prepping, but this can often seem tedious and overwhelming, and after a long day of work, it is less likely to happen.  I have come up with a few easy solutions that I will share with you.  I go to Trader Joe's and I buy an entire chicken in parts, a bag of brussel sprouts, and a sweet potato.  On Sunday night I turn the oven on to 450 degrees and I put foil on two separate baking sheets.  I spread out the chicken on one sheet and drizzle it with olive oil, add salt, and Braggs organic sprinkle (this is from Wholefoods) and wait for the oven to heat.  The second baking sheet I will use for the brussel sprouts, and sweet potato.  First I halve the brussel sprouts, and then I slice the sweet potato, and spread them out on the foiled baking sheet.  Next I put olive oil and salt and toss the vegetables around.  Next, you put both pans in the oven and cook for 30 minutes.  At 30 minutes pull the chicken out and toss the vegetables around and cook them for 5 more minutes.  Now you're done, put the chicken with some vegetables into a Tupperware container, and you have at least 5 meals.  For me, this is either dinner or lunch for the whole week, and it took 30 minutes to prepare.  

3 Week Count Down

I have three more weeks before I take the FSBPT license exam. The road has been long and winding, but it has gotten me here none the less.  I have dedicated the majority of my adult life toward my desire to become a physical therapist, and I have finally reached my goal.  I am grateful to my friends and family, as I have a tremendous support system, and I would not be where I am today without their help and love. I am waking up early tomorrow to begin again on a new meditation.  It is time for me to zero in on gratitude so that I can continue to give others what they need.  I can't give into the stress and anxiety of the standardized testing process.  I have to remember to look at the bigger picture, and remind myself of why I have chosen this career.  I actually enjoy helping people, and I know that I will continue a great career of doing so.  Deepak Chopra says that what you imagine, you will have.  I imagine that I am happy, and I am happy.  We create our own reality, and I have created something wonderful.

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